14 de August de 2017
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Hello lovelies!

If your life is anything like mine it’s a whirlwind of housework, children, partner, friends and family! My head feels like I’m in a hurricane and my house looks like ones ripped through it! I feel like I spend ages procrastinating, trying to plan how to better spend my day, get the jobs done, get time for me, without ever actually getting anywhere!

Enough is enough, time to call in the experts to help me get a handle on my home space, and my head space!

First up we’re sitting down with the lovely Anne Marie of White Sage Home Decluttering!

Anne-Marie, what inspired you to start your business?

For as long as I can remember I was always cleaning and organising to help out at home. Both of my parents were very ill with cancer throughout my childhood and as a result of cancer in the bone, my Dad had his leg amputated, when I was just 2 years old.  My Dad spent several weeks in hospital at a time over the years with different accidents and health issues. My Mum took on the family farm to provide for us and pay the bills so I took on the housekeeping side of things. I was, and still am, very house-proud and love having an organised house to share with our family and friends.

After having my second child in 2015, I had done a full declutter of our walk-in hot press and was so overcome with satisfaction at what I had achieved. There and then I started to Google ‘Professional Decluttering’ as my new career. I had taken redundancy in 2012, after my first child was born, having spent 11 great years in the financial sector, so it was a new direction for me.

I began my studies doing a Professional Decluttering course with Breda Stack, a Declutter Therapist from Limerick, with a goal of setting up my own business.

Earlier this year, White Sage Home Decluttering was born!

What are the most common problems you come across?

As a professional Declutterer, my clients are usually busy mums between the ages of 30 and 70, who are feeling stuck, embarrassed and overwhelmed! All of these feelings are common between clients, however clutter is a very personal thing!

I offer a confidential service to my clients with the client in full control at all times. It’s a one on one, hands on session, in the comfort of the client’s own home. I provide either a half day or full day decluttering session.

What are your top 3 tips?

Us hardworking mammys tend to prioritize our children and partners before ourselves and we deserve to have a home we love, and a radrobe where every item fits, flatters and makes us feel great! How easy would that make getting ready each morning!

My top tips to achieve this…

  1. Make your own personal boutique! Invest in good strong hangers to maintain the shape in your clothes for longer. You need to make sure you’re getting value from the clothed you buy!
  2. Only place one item of clothing on each hanger. Otherwise, items are overlooked and never worn.
  3. Have a refuse bag in the bottom of the wardrobe for items you no longer love, need or use and redistribute to family, friends or charity of your choice.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I’m so blesses to have a business I’m so passionate about. I love helping other busy moms because I know what its like when the housework is piling up and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Especially with small kids, it’s hard.

Decluttering and organising our family home has changed our lives as a family for the better!

I get such satisfaction from motivating my clients to achieve the same clutter free, stress free living space.

Anne-Marie x

So there you have it, some great inspiration to follow your dreams wherever they make take you and turn your passion into a viable business. It’s not really work if you adore what you do, and it’s clear from speaking with Anne-Marie that this gives her such a buzz! She is so friendly and approachable, I really would recommend getting in touch, she’l put you totally at ease and guide you to a beautiful calm home.

Contact Anne-Marie on Facebook @whitesagehomedecluttering

Instagram : whitesagehomedecluttering


Check back for the second part of The Clarity Collection, a chat with the lovely Helena Monaher from ‘Helena’s Positivity and Coaching’. I know she has some wonderful tips for a clear mind to go with your clean house!

Stay Yummy!


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