13 de July de 2017
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Hello lovelies,

Some days call for a sweet treat (most days!!) I love pulling out the mixing bowls and whisk and whipping up some tasty treats, but some days time is not on your side, and these are the days it’s handy to have a trick up your sleeve!

Recently I stumbled across pre-made cookie dough in my local Aldi! I couldn’t resist popping a pack in my trolley. That week was particularly wet and dreary and I had completely forgotten about the dough until I spotted it poking out of the back of the fridge!



Within seconds I had the baking tray out and was already slicing the dough into small sections! It couldn’t be easier, simply place them on the tray, pop in the oven and as soon as they’re golden brown, whip them out and transfer to a wire rack!

The trickiest part is letting them cool long enough so you don’t scald your face as you shovel them in!



Yummy Mummy Tip

I recommend serving with a nice cool glass of milk! – Or wolfing them down in the utility room if you don’t feel like sharing!!

Stay Yummy!


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