9 de June de 2017
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Hello lovelies,

First off, let me apologise for my absence, I literally have no excuse except for being caught up in motherhood! I had a run of endless days and never felt the headspace I need to get writing. We all have those days, whether you’re a mom or not and sometimes you need to just go with the flow and give yourself a break!

Now that’s out of the way lets get on with why we’re here!
We all love a Pinterest success story and today I had one! Or rather, the moms at my baby group and I, had!

A friend of mine shared with me an idea she had seen online, “mess free” finger painting! I was intrigued so we decided to give it a go at the group I run!

Disclaimer!! I cannot guarantee your children will remain mess free! My little man inevitably managed to get through the clingfilm but as long as your on hand with a wet wipe, you should be fine! Remember to use washable, non toxic paints for safety!

So to start with we laid out our blank canvases and squirted on some blobs and some swirls of different coloured paint. Its really up to you here what way you lay out the colours. We stuck to just four colours but the possibilities are endless. You could use colours to match the theme of your playroom, bedroom or classroom! You could also add glitter!



Next we carefully wrapped each canvas in cling film, making sure to leave no gaps!



When the canvases were wrapped we sat back and let the kids loose! Some kids were straight in, smushing and pressing and others were more apprehensive! Eventually they all had a go, creating in their own way! My little man even took his car for a spin on the canvas!



When we had finished ‘painting’ we removed the clingfilm carefully and left the paintings in a safe place to dry!


It was a really fun, easy art project and the only stains on the kids clothes were from the chocolate biscuits!

Why dont you give it a go with your little picasso!

Yummy Mummy Tip
While its great fun to do a group painting, why not do individual canvases for each child, let them use their favourite colours and express their personality!


Stay Yummy!


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