1 de April de 2017
Categoria: Bits and Bobs

Hello my lovelies, it’s been an absolute age since I curled up with the laptop and put pen to paper, so to speak, so much has happened since I wrote last!
Most notably is our big move to our new house which is part of the reason I’ve been so distracted. Moving house is super stressful! Especially with two kids in tow and all of their belongings!
It’s been a few months now and we had a lovely Christmas and a much cozier winter in our new surroundings! With the beginning of spring, we look forward to making use of our lovely new garden and the kids having plenty of friends to play with on the estate!

Another big change is the beginning of my driving adventures! I hear you all gasping! I promise I’m not as dangerous as even I would have predicted! Taking the wheel is surprisingly different to what I expected, definitely not as terrifying as I thought, but it is difficult to get the hang of! Especially changing gear! Thank goodness my instructor is pretty chilled, or he was before he started with me! I may break his nerves of steel by the end! Expect more updates on my journey to driving!

I am also back at the beginning of sleep training my toddler, I think we are well past the exhausted stage and now I’m just completely frazzled, bedraggled and disheveled ha ha! So I’m on the look out for sleep tips and tricks and determined to stick to my guns and get this baby sleeping right through! Keep an eye on the blog for – fingers crossed- my big success story!

Now I’m off to get the second load of washing in the machine and then try and pull myself together for date night!
Someone pass the concealer!

Talk soon,

Stay yummy!

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