4 de April de 2017

Hello lovelies,
The Weather here in Ireland is definitely temperamental! However, on the off chance that we get a hint of sunshine I would like my skin to be glowy and healthy! It’s always been a dream of mine!

For years I tried different moisturisers and always felt dissatisfied, the formula was too greasy, too runny, too thick…. I would try to get myself into a body skincare routine but to no avail. It took too much time and I hated feeling sticky when I dressed afterwards.

So I’m ashamed to say I gave up! I relied on moisture rich shower gels and using homemade coconut oil scrubs in the bath. But I still felt my skin was suffering and with my lack of routine, I was failing my skin. And you know the old adage, ‘Love the skin you’re in’. I knew something had to be done.

With a solid facial care routine in place – I am religious about my cleansing and moisturising every night, obsessed with different face masks and serums – I needed a body skin fix that would slot seamlessly into my bedtime ritual!

Then it happened, I was sitting, underneath my toddler who was happily watching ‘Ben and Holly’ when the ad break came on. There was the beautiful Jennifer Aniston, raving about an ‘after-shower mist’ from Aveeno. And you all know Ms.Aniston has seriously enviable skin, that glow! I was beyond curious so I made a mental note and hoped I’d remember to look for it on my next trip into town.

Now I’m a mom so there are tonnes of useless bits of info swamping my brain at any one time – the names of the Paw Patrol pups, where I last saw the toddlers right shoe, what time dinner needs to be started, what (insert daughter’s friends name here) did over the weekend, where the keys are, doctor/dentist appointments, driving lessons etc…. you get the idea! It was inevitable I would forget all about my moisturising shower mist saviour! But on my next trip to town I wandered into boots with a sense that I needed something….and then I spotted it! Eureka! Flashing lightbulbs and sirens, only in my head of course! I couldn’t wait to try it!

So after my shower, I followed the instructions on the bottle and sprayed it onto towel dried skin. It’s such a light mist but can be layered up for more coverage if you need it, just spray a little more! The formula is exactly as Aveeno describes, ‘non-greasy, fast absorbing’. I could get dressed pretty much straight away and not feel icky! It promises up to 48-hour hydration and it delivers, my skin feels soft and supple every day since I began using it. It’s so quick and fuss free that I usually slather it on right before bed, straight after my facial routine. I also find the little rub-in quite soothing after a long day!

There is a huge difference in the texture of my skin, especially my knees and elbows which used to be dry but are now baby soft! Also because it is a spray, you can get at the hard to reach spots on your back! Hello moisturised, irresistible skin!

The only gripe I have, and its a very small one, is the scent. It’s just not to my particular taste. It’s irrelevant however as once the product is rubbed in, the scent disappears.

I’m really happy with the product and will definitely rebuy, it’s the perfect addition to anyone’s beauty arsenal! It hasn’t turned me into Jennifer Aniston, but it’s made me happier to be in this Jennifer’s skin!

Here it is on Boots website, pop one in your basket today!

Yummy Mummy Tip
When the warmer weather comes around, if it comes around ha ha, why not pop your ‘After-shower mist’ in the fridge for a cooling, soothing skin treat!

Stay Yummy!


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