13 de October de 2016
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Hello lovelies,
It’s been so long since I’ve written, I’m very sorry! I’ve been up the walls searching for a new home, which we have finally found! So now the fun begins, packing and cleaning and running around with paperwork and such! Busy, busy, busy!

Before I dive head first into the abyss of toys, clothes and assorted junk that needs to be packed or dumped (ssshh! don’t tell the kids!), I wanted to share with you one of my favourite d.i.y pieces.

Years ago I fell in love with this large antique style mirror and I just HAD to have it! So, i saved up and treated myself. The mirror was floor length and survived a house move and a toddler, but not a destructive kitten! One morning Tilly clambered in behind said mirror and managed to knock it, shattering the glass. Luckily she escaped unscathed, this time curiosity didn’t kill the cat! I however, was devastated.

Determined to turn it into something else, I held onto the frame. It took some planning but eventually I decided on a project. I would turn the remnants of my mirror into a family collage. Filled with pictures of our family and inspirational quotes.


I used mod podge and decoupage paper to decorate the backing and used decorative ribbon to make little “clothes lines” to clip the pictures on. I purchased some tiny clothes pegs online and some thumb tacks. Next, I got to work choosing pictures and cutting them into unusual shapes, i didn’t want just square images. When I had a good selection of photos I started compiling quotes that I felt were important for my family.

Once I had a list of quotes I wrote each one out and decorated it and made it personal. These were then cut out and ready for assembly. I decided the collage would have a vague pattern, boys side, girls side and then combined in the middle.


On my son’s side it has photos of him, him with family members,cards from his birth and his hospital tags.
It is the same on my daughter’s side, her photos, cards and hospital tags.


In the middle are photos of myself and my partner with the kids and more family members. Scattered throughout are quotes and doodles. It took me a few days to get everything assembled and get it hung over the couch in our living room.



I’m so so so happy with the result. The pictures are only clipped in place so I can update and change it when the kids are older, or else make an entirely new collage and keep this one as is!

The collage not only looks pretty but it has a positive effect on everyone. When my son is upset and having a bad day, he will look at the pictures and pick out a friendly face, more often than not his nana’s dog Buffy! My daughter likes to use her reading skills and read the quotes I have put there. It also serves as a talking point when we have visitors.

Yummy Mummy Tip!

I really love having the story of our family on the wall in our home, why don’t you find a way to put yours on display!
Let us know how you get on, and as always,

Stay Yummy! xx

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