25 de September de 2016
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Hello lovelies,

Today we’re talking about another love of mine and my current obsession; Konjac Sponges especially from The Konjac Sponge Company. You may have heard them by now, but what exactly are they? Konjac is an extraordinary plant that comes from Asia, Konjac is packed with water and minerals that have been used for centuries for medicinal use, food and as a beauty aid .  The Konjac Sponge Company has taken all the goodness of this plant and packed it into a little solid sponge that when put under water for a few seconds expands and turns into the ultimate beauty potion for great skin. These sponges are completely vegan, natural and cruelty free, as well as eco-friendly and you can find one to suit your skin and/or any skin concern. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are even baby friendly.

So Let’s talk purpose 

As for their purpose, these little gems  can be your secret beauty tool as they ensure not only a deep cleanse of your skin but your skin absorbs the richness of the minerals that is in each individual sponge and you quickly see your complexion improve with each use. Most definitely, premium skin cleansing with little fuss.

There are many types of Konjac Sponges; one for every skin concern so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin or dry, mature skin. Many companies carry their own line of Konjac sponges but I find the Konjac Sponge Company carries such a large variety of sponges and each sponge is packed with the richness of the Konjac vegetable fibres and some are infused with other great minerals for an added benefit.

How to use the Konjac Sponge

Anyone can use these, whether you love to wear makeup or not, if you are young or used to be young…they are seriously that good for your skin. You simply put the sponge under warm water to get it soaked, and then use it with your favourite cleanser or even alone, for an easy and effective cleanse. Then let it dry and repeat as often as you like until its time to replace (normally 3 months).  I prefer to cleanse with a cleanser first if I am wearing a lot of makeup and then use the Konjac Sponge as an exfoliating agent and to truly let my skin absorb all the sponge’s infusion of minerals and natural ingredients.


Some more pros on why Konjac is such a great cleanser;

  • 100% Natural vegetable Fibre
  • Exfoliating
  • Naturally Deep Cleansing
  • Removes Water based Make-Up
  • Suitable for Daily Use
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Colouring Free
  • Soft & Gentle
  • pH balanced,  Naturally alkaline- great to balance your ski
  • Kind to You & Kind to the Environment
  • Will last up to 3 months with proper care
  • Gentle enough to use on the eye area 



The Review 

As I mentioned there are a huge range of these sponges, I personally have tried the following 3;

  1. French Red Clay Konjac Sponge Puff – This sponge is amazing, it leaves your skin bright, soft and so radiant. Use it for at least 7 days to see the difference in your skin texture. The high yield of iron oxide found in French Red Clay is what gives your skin that amazing glow and radiance, iron oxide is great for boosting your circulation.
  2. Chamomile Konjac Sponge Puff– This sponge is the most gentle of all, the chamomile calms any reaction, any little bit of redness or irritation you may have this is your go-to product. As I can often get allergic reactions to things I often turn to this little treasure to sort me out and it does, and quickly. It can also help act as an anti-allergy tool to allow your skin to become less irritable and generally reach a more balanced state.
  3. Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge Puff, last but not least must mention the Charcoal Amazing Konjac Sponge. If you have a bad breakout that you just can’t shake and you’ve tried everything and it keeps coming back then use this for 7 days consistently and see the difference. Your breakout will not only disappear but your skin will heal fast, with no skin tissue damage and feeling smooth and healthy. The Bamboo Charcoal is a natural antibacterial agent and will absorb toxins, remove excess oils and fight hard to reach bacteria but together with the water and mineral richness of the Konjac Plant  you won’t get any of the dryness you get with other acne prevention/cure products. Don’t worry about the sponge retaining bacteria etc, just try it you will be amazed with the results.

A Yummy Mummy Tip

These sponges are definitely the perfect solution to a busy mummy life. We rarely have the time to look after ourselves, and our skin can get neglected but it doesn’t have to. The Konjac Sponge is a simple solution to those who hate to look after their skin, cleanse and moisture etc.etc. at least here you are giving your skin a mini facial everyday and its as easy as can be. So go on….treat yourself…to a daily facial for your skin and never give up on staying yummy!

Visit or to order your sponge.  You won’t regret this product….


Little care tip: make sure you always let the sponge dry by hanging it up, it will preserve the sponge over time and ensure you are getting the most benefits from the sponge with each use.



and of course Stay Yummy!

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