13 de September de 2016
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Hello lovelies, as a young, busy family it can be hard to set time aside to connect and bond. Everyone is rushing to school, work, extracurricular activities,even mealtimes are rushed. These aspects of your day are obviously all important, but it is equally as important to set aside time to have fun, laugh and enjoy each others company.

One such way is to involve everyone in preparing family meals, this won’t be possible at every mealtime but when you can, try. Get kids involved with setting the table, washing and chopping vegetables, where age appropriate and loading the dishwasher after the meal. You could make up a rota so that each person gets a turn at something different each time. Children love to be involved and it’s a great way to help teach them life skills.

Another great way to involve the family in daily activities is to get them to help with other jobs in the home. Have your child hoover, put away washing or wipe down countertops. Try not to be fussy about how the job is done, at first anyway! Get them used to helping and then hone their skills later! It’s hard watching haphazardly folded towels being stuffed into the closet but at least the job is getting done!

When you make your list for your weekly shop why not enlist some help! Ask your kids to search for items in your cupboards and if you’ve run out, add them to the list! Then reverse the action at the supermarket, as they find the food and place it in the trolley, cross it off the list! It can be fun for siblings to take turns finding each object on the list. Involve younger children by discussing the colour of the food or the shape. Use it as an opportunity to learn new words!

One of my favourite ways to bond with my children is by reading to them. I love seeing their eyes wide with wonder as they listen to tales about ‘The Gruffalo’ or ‘The Cat in the Hat’. I always choose children’s books that I will enjoy too as this makes reading them more fun!untitled-design

Recently we bought a set of ‘Uno’ cards and they honestly were a brilliant buy. Every evening without fail,and sometimes throughout the day, the Uno cards are pulled out for a game. What i love most is there is no “setting up” just shuffle and deal and away you go! My daughter absolutely loves it and has even got her grandparents hooked, so now everywhere we go there must be Uno cards!

Whatever way you choose to incorporate family time into your day you won’t regret it!

And remember, stay yummy!


Yummy Mummy Tip

Why not try a new family activity, take the time to involve everyone and choose a quiet part of your day so as not to rush it. Perhaps buy some new storybooks, we love anything by Julia Donaldson or Dr.Seuss! Or maybe you could start family game night, we’re looking at you Uno!! Maybe your family needs to catch up on the latest movies, why not grab some popcorn and light the fire for a cosy family night! Let us know your favourite family activities!

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