2 de September de 2016
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Hello lovelies, 

Sorry, we have been away…issues with our master blogger and WordPress ugh! All sorted and back up and running…..and today’s post we have a little recommendation of a great new book, written by a local Irish author. This is definitely one to add to your little or large nook.

Reading is a great way to escape and exercise your imagination while relaxing at the same time. I know right, exercise and relax in the same sentence!  It’s also a good excuse for a cuppa (and a cheeky chocolate biccie (i.e Irish for biscuits!)

As a child, I always loved to read but once I had my kids I was always too busy with nappy changes and laundry, so the books were put aside. Recently I discovered a lovely local lady, Angela Gascoigne who had written some books and I intrigued I sought out a copy of one of her books, “Seasons of Our Love’. 

‘Seasons of Our Love’ by Angela Gascoigne is the first book I have completed in years, without being able to put it down and it has truly reignited my love of written words. 

It is a love story, a journey shared by Rosie and Danny, the two main characters as they find love, face crisis and struggle to build a future together. Both are in a way, damaged and searching for resolution, each in need of a happy ending. 

Their passion is instantaneous as Rosie bursts into Danny’s pub and forever alters both of their lives. This chance meeting  sets in motion a series of events, some of which draw them closer, others which threaten to tear them apart forever. 

The scenery Angela creates is idyllic,  beautiful beach huts along the shoreline and waves crashing on the beach, the perfect setting for our tumultuous love story!

The story is told from both sides, a fly on the wall scenario, where the reader understands the motives and the emotions of each character, willing you to read on in earnest to discover our young lover’s fate! 

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Seasons of our love‘, it’s an unusual, yet relatable story of endearing love, told with real heart. Angela has a beautiful way with words and has delicately moulded each character and scene with intricate detail that fully immerses you in the landscape of the novel.

It’s a true gem and I’m excited to read the next chapter, excuse the pun, in the lives of Rosie and Danny, ‘Branded’ is the next release from Angela and we wish her every success. 

I took the opportunity to ask Angela a few questions and she was only too happy to oblige… We will be posting Questions and Answers from the Author, in the following post so don’t miss out. 

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A Yummy Mummy Tip 

Find a book that you enjoy, not something that you have to read or expected to for one reason or another, find the genre of literature that you enjoy regardless of what others may think and either before bed or during the day find at least 15 mins to dip into the world of written words and let your spirit and imagination feel uplifted by the wondrous journey that is reading. It can change a bad day to great one in just 15 minutes and if you don’t have 15 minutes, then make time for yourself and find 15 minutes. And if you aren’t sure what to read then definitely head over to your local Amazon and get yourself kindle or paperback edition of our pick for this month “Seasons of Our Love”

 And of course…..Stay Yummy!

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