16 de August de 2016
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Hello lovelies,  

Sometimes you need to slow down, reflect and connect.  One of my favourite ways to do this is through nature. Trees, in particular, fascinate me. The cool bark is grounding, a link between here, the past and the future, a quiet constant, standing tall.

I like to ponder all the people who have passed by, hurried, carrying hearts full of joy, worry, love, passion or sadness. Where were they going to and coming from? Did they too pause to take a moment and rest their hand here, whisper their fears to the rustling leaves and let the wind carry them away?

In our world, where no one stands still and we never seem to have time, let’s escape. Leave it all. As you pass a tree reach out, feel it’s strength at your fingertips, close your eyes, breathe deep at the woody scent and centre yourself. Be humbled by the height and strength of the tree. Draw energy from it to carry on with your day revived and with a fresh head.

A Yummy Mummy Tip

Nature is all around us, here to benefit us in so many ways, not only nutritionally.  Nourish your soul, meditate by focusing your mind on a tree, a beautiful flower, or the sea. Listen and enjoy the whistle of the wind through the trees, the waves crashing at the seaside or the rain against a window.

Take a moment to experience these small miracles that exist around us.

Take a moment and appreciate your presence amongst it.

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