5 de August de 2016
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Hello lovelies, recently I was at an event & talking to a woman when she asked ‘so,what are you doing now?’ – a question I’ve dreaded ever since I fell pregnant at 18. I could feel my face flush red as I swallowed hard and said ‘nothing, just at home with the kids, for now’.

I came home and the more I thought about my response the angrier I became at myself and society. I should have felt comfortable and happy to say ‘I’m at home caring for my 2 beautiful kids and working hard to create a nice family home.’ Instead, I belittled myself and other stay at home mums by insinuating the work we do is ‘nothing’ and suggesting that in future I will have a ‘job’. 

This is not reflective of how I feel, I love being home with my kids, it’s the most difficult, never-ending and yet rewarding JOB ever. I’m annoyed at myself for being afraid to be proud of doing what I love. 

Society has produced a generation of career-hungry women who want to climb the ladder to the top and that’s great if you are that kind of woman. I am however an old fashioned kinda gal, I love cooking wholesome dinners, baking, the smell of fresh laundry and the satisfaction of a freshly scrubbed bathroom. I applaud all working mums,admire your strength, work ethic, juggling skills and the example you are setting for your children, but it’s not for me, at the moment! I am fulfilled being a housewife & blogger, even if society may not be.  I might not fit the new mould of what modern women should aspire to be, but I have chosen to be the one to mould the lives of my children and my own. 

The truth is I have many aspirations for career success and showing the world my creativity and all I have to offer, but this will have to wait a few years when my kids are a bit older. A major perk to having kids young! In the end, it will be my decision, not one based on social cues or media stereotyping, my choice will reflect the best interests of myself and my family.  For now I’m more than happy to be at home, hoover in one hand, toddler on my hip, helping my daughter do her homework while dinner roasts in the oven..and I promise next time I’m asked ‘what do you do now’  I’ll stand up for myself and all moms, whether we work outside the home or in it, we work hard every day and deserve to feel accomplished. You’re doing a great JOB, and so am I 😜

Yummy Mummy Tip

To all the stay at home yummy mummies…Wake up with the intention to be present in the life you are living! But don’t be afraid to dream of the next chapter of your life! Envisage it, attract it, plan it and even work on it in those quiet (rare) moments we have …it will happen in time …..but always let your family and especially your children know you chose and keep choosing to be with them. Keep telling yourself you are doing great because you are providing love and care for them full-time. That is not only selfless but priceless… and of course Stay Yummy!

And you need any further inspiration about stay at home mums who discovered their passion and calling while caring full-time for their children look at the story of the Twilight author Stephanie Meyers.

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