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Hello beautiful!

On this very day in 1981, the first music video ever shown on MTV aired for public view and ironically enough it was the video they chose to air was “Video Killed the Radio Star” a song by the Buggles. (Below is a short preview)



The Buggles mourn about the effect that video and technology will have on the golden days of radio. They were not the only group who felt that the power of music and the lyrics of true songwriters would be lost amidst the distraction of video and television. They were also not alone in the fear that music would never be the same after August 1st, 1981.   Many vocal artists, to include Freddie Mercury, lead singer of ( my favourite band of all time) Queen,wrote the popular song Radio Gaga,  about the invention of music videos taking over the radio. Even though Queen ultimately used television to their advantage, the important message that these artists wanted their audiences to know was that their role as the artist was to empower or inform you with their lyrics and music. I know that in my home with small children, watching music videos is very censored because I am responsible for keeping my children well children, and allow them age-appropriate curiosity and today’s music videos don’t always make it easy for a parent to do their job. But the importance of music should not be lost because of the industry. Music can have a deeply therapeutic and mood-changing effect. It truly is a form of poetry and literature, that can inspire, entertain, delight, relax, calm and motivate you. So today’s blog is not only to acknowledge that on this day 35 years ago, the scope of music changed forever more but to remind you that even with the existence of media, reality TV and social networking and censorable music videos, real music still exists and the talent and significance of a now ‘classic song’ should not be underestimated. Do your best to hold on to the real music inside you.  Support and look for artists that make you feel the power of music and share that with the world. Remind  your children that the top artist of today were not the ones to set the standard of music, and it existed long before them. Like we read to our children the classic stories of our youth, and throw in some new sensational modern finds,  give them the gift of the beautiful symphony of sound and what you used to listen as a kid. Every song can mean as much to your child/friend/family as it meant to you.


A Yummy Mummy Tip 

This tip is for everyone but especially for busy mums who I know switch off the radio to hear their thoughts or turn on the TV to calm their children for a few minutes; introduce a bit of music back into your life. Get an old-fashioned radio or iPod dock station in the kitchen and turn it on, dance in the kitchen, cook with music, put on classical music for a good relaxing bath, put on some classic oldies or power ballads to energise your morning.  Choose to keep music alive in your home, share the life that music gives and escape your reality in a good song, listen carefully, let a song remind you a moment in your life or simply get lost in the music and forget it all.

And of course stay yummy! (keep posted, I will be posting my favourite music related products and even share some of my playlists)


Listen to this quirky new hit tune to get your dance on and remind you that music is your best friend….

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