15 de August de 2016
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Hello lovelies,

Let’s talk about sleep for a second. It is something you take for granted until you have kids. Then it becomes something you crave,  like chocolate! Once those kids get moving they’re much too busy to sleep!

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My son is 19 months old and has always woken during the night. Things got really bad in the last few weeks, he was waking 3-4 times a night and screaming the house down.

I tried everything, lullabies, night lights,extra blankets, no blankets, baths, even moving him into his sister’s room for company, all to no avail. I was at my wits end and then it all came to a head one night. He woke at 2am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. At 3am he was standing in the bedroom dancing to his supposed lullaby and screamed if I put him in the cot. Eventually, after the feeling of hopelessness set in I was crying.  I was so sleep deprived and didn’t know what more to do. In the end, I had to bring him downstairs and let my partner go back to bed. After an hour of baby tv he dozed off and I popped him back into his cot. I dragged myself into my bed and checked the time. 4:40am. Over 2 hours of complete madness, something had to change!

The following night, on a whim I put him to bed in a pitch black room,  no nightlight and just a very low, soft lullaby. I laid him in his cot with his bottle and kissed him goodnight before I left. He finished his bottle and cried for his dodey (pacifier) but once I had given him that he went off to sleep himself.  That first night he woke once for his bottle and put himself back to sleep after. Jackpot!  And I didn’t even plan on this method it just happened. It seems my boy likes the dark!

3 nights down, we are all better off  now in this new sleep schedule.  I’m getting more done around the house, we’re getting time to play family board games and have one to one time with my daughter and my partner.  I am also getting time to relax before bed and watch some grown up telly! It’s proven beneficial to the whole family after only 3 nights! It seems my son even looks forward to bed now, as I put him down last night he said ‘bedtime!’ and it’s all because of the dark room.

A Yummy Mummy Tip 

If you’re struggling with bedtime, try turning off the nightlight, keeping the room quiet and not making a big fuss about bedtime. It turns out not all babies fear the dark! Maybe, buy some glow in the dark dodeys to save a panic during the night or glow in the dark stick on stars! Sometimes simplicity is just needed when raising kids…you don’t need to overthink everything it seems or fall prey to all the latest trends and “expert” opinions …just get to know your own child, their quirks and comforts and make the journey of motherhood a bit less bumpy. 

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