4 de July de 2016
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Hello lovelies, 

Now I know, ‘schools out for summer’ and all that but I have a teeny tiny bit of homework for you! It’s minimal effort but will have maximum effect on you and those around you!

As women, we are judgmental, and can be downright mean, whether we admit it or not. This is just another way negativity seeps into your life and we want to push that out! It’s time for a change and it’s as simple as this! :

Step 1: Notice the women that pass you by on the street and in your head pay them a compliment. Pick out something about them that’s beautiful whether it’s their hair, shoes or smile.

Step 2 : Whenever possible, pay someone a direct compliment. Tell that woman her lipstick really suits her, ask her where she bought her handbag, have you lost weight? You look amazing! Spread the positivity, I guarantee you’ll both be smiling afterwards. 

 Finally step 3 : Give yourself a personal boost, compliment yourself every time you compliment someone else. It can be as simple as ‘my hair is really nice today’ or ‘this dress fits me really nice’. And if someone compliments you, accept it! Say thank you and return the favour! 

Promote body positivity, let’s drive out the shamers! If you do these simple exercises and your kids (especially daughters) hear you do it, it will become natural to them, body shaming will become a thing of the past and everyone’s beauty will be appreciated.

A Yummy Mummy Tip

 lil tip, the more you love your body, the more your body will love you, you will find it easier to lose that bit of excess weight or tighten that bum because you will feel beautiful and proud even if you aren’t at your perfect weight or have an amazing bikini bod! Experiment and see what happens when you tell yourself you are “fat and ugly”…my guess is you will most likely stuff your face with unhealthy foods and switch on Netflix. On the flip side, tell yourself you are beautiful, fit and healthy….I am sure you’ll push yourself for the run of the day, a relaxing walk in the evening, even blend up a green smoothie instead of reaching out for that buttery croissant. Just watch…and you can come back and tell us if we were wrong =). 

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