11 de July de 2016
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So Mamas the kiddies are on their holidays now and you gotta keep them busy right..? Every hour they need something to do and it’s quite hard to get out to the park for the whole day or let them play in the garden if the weather is horrendous. Here in Ireland, it has been raining all weekend! Boo Hoo!  But I found the perfect little baking project for my toddler and me. And the best part, it involves little clean up and not a lot of time. Recently, I picked up this amazing cookie mix made by the company Bake It Easy, which contains all the essentials ingredients in a cute little jar and you just add an egg, a tablespoon of honey , 80g of melted butter and mix it all together, set your oven ready to have 15 freshly baked cookies in no time. Essentially, the idea of these mixes  are no different from the already well-known Betty Crocker baking in box mixes but these contain much better, fresher ingredients (real ingredients that you can pronounce) that you can see the purity of, they are a fraction of the price at only €3.99-€5.00 , and you get a cute little jar as a keepsake with little mess or fuss involved! =)

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Bake it Easy have a great range of cookie mixes so don’t worry I am sure you’ll find something for you and your family to enjoy.  We picked  up the “Oakley Dotely Strawberry Cookie Mix” , which has real Madagascan vanilla, Coconut, Oats and Strawberry. My toddler was very entertained while whisking and mixing ingredients, getting to mix the dough with his hands, watching the individual cookie dough enter the hot oven and then seeing them bake into fresh soft cookies, (only in 12 mins) DING!  and “YAY MAMA THE COOKIES!” my toddler shouted with excitement knowing it was now time to enjoy. Seeing as the bowl and whisk were washed while he was watching the cookies bake (and that was all there was to do), we were ready to enjoy a Saturday Movie Night with our freshly baked cookies and side order of milk. Mmmmmm……YUMMY IN OUR TUMMY ☺


Yummy Mummy Tip 

These mixes are a great stow away item to keep in the pantry for those emergency moments that all of us mamas encounter. It is also always better to quickly whip up a batch of freshly baked cookies than attempt to keep store-bought cookies in the cookie jar (they never last).  So if your kids deserve a little treat, or you need some toddler busy time, or you just got caught off guard with a spontaneous visit from your friends or kids’ friends ….boom out comes the cookie mix and most likely you’ll have the essentials in your fridge (i.e milk/butter/eggs) , and not a bother, you’ve got it covered mummy!

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Another little tip, cooking with toddlers and children helps them understand the process of how food becomes ready for us to eat and enjoy. They appreciate the process, see the different colours and ingredients, smell the different aromas and get to use their hands to cooperate in the making of a meal. From an early age they can make the connection that eating means to prepare food with your hands and that food does not come from a box or a packet. Make cooking and baking less of a chore by involving your children and make it part of a learning and bonding experience where everyone cooperates and helps in the kitchen (and you know that moment when you start cooking and suddenly your little angels start fighting or whining about how hungry they are, take that time to get them involved and you will fly through the cooking without a hitch or interruption.).

Think of it this way, you get to not only nourish your children when you cook with them but nurture them also. It helps them become more creative and curious about food and many times you find that involving a fussy eater in the making of a meal will make them more likely to eat the meal than if they had not helped in making it. Their pride of taking part in the preparation with surpass all their ideas of why they don’t want to eat the food in the first place. Try it and tell us what you think! 

And of course, Stay Yummy!


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