21 de July de 2016
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Some food for thought tonight to all you lovely Dames and Gents!

Every relationship that we have or have had with another person  will and has shaped our life in one way or another. Whether we are mothers, spouses, partners, friends, employers/employees, sisters, brothers, or neighbours every relationship can have as much influence as we allow it to have on our emotions, on our perception of ourselves and ultimately on how we feel about ourselves.

However, the most important relationship we need to have is the one with ourselves. We can’t let others deplete our emotional tank, and give relentlessly unless we ensure that either through our relationships or through our own self-love we have replenished our own tank.

It is important that we surround ourselves with people that fulfil us and not only deplete us, particularly as a mother. But at the end of each day, after all the build up and burn out, your love for yourself is the most important of all, how you treat yourself and how you replenish your emotions.

A Yummy Mummy Tip 

Make bedtime habits that help you let go of the days baggage, that make you feel renewed emotionally and loved. Lay still with yourself at night and sit with your emotions, paying attention to how YOU truly feel about YOURSELF (not about how others feel about you ). Listen, reflect and make a choice to face change the following day (does not need to be drastic, you will know exactly what change is in order) or to  sit with your emotions (remember not your thoughts but your feelings), or maybe you prefer to succumb to life and it’s grand plan for you. Just sleep loving yourself and inspired by Matt Simons beautiful song “catch and release what builds up throughout the day….And remember how to love….YOURSELF!”  Listen here and enjoy!….

And remember…Stay Yummy!



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