9 de July de 2016
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Hello lovelies,
 We can all use a spiritual boost from time to time and nature is a great place to draw energy from. There are lots of animal traits we can and should incorporate into our lives.
Look to the lioness for her strength, she hunts and kills to feed her family. The mama bear, fights to protect her young or the swan who falls in love and remains eternally loyal.
People use animal totems to focus and draw energy from, to improve or gain abilities. Focusing on nature and animals can promote a stillness that can be useful in meditation.
Some fun facts about your Spirit Animal 
The Bear: a grounding force, strength and confidence. An animal in touch with the Earth, supports physical and emotional healing. Makes a stand against adversity and promotes the importance of solitude and rest.
The Cat : patient , independent, adventure, courage, deeply relaxed connection with its self, healing from the inside out and a curious nature.
The beautiful Hawk: messenger of the spirit world, uses power of focus, takes the lead when the time is right, power to see, has a clear vision, a strong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness.
A Lion: exudes strength and power.
A Wolf: Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, appetite for freedom, feels threatened and generally lacks trust in others or themselves.
A Yummy Mummy Tip
Log on to to find out what your animal spirit is, incorporate into your life and affirm it in your morning routine to draw from its energy and gain that strength, power, stillness and ultimate wisdom that only nature and our moments of pure authenticity and stillness can offer.
And of course stay yummy!!!!
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