31 de July de 2016
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A little message of inspiration for you busy mums who I know find it hard to make a bit of time for some girly time with your gal pals. Pencil in some friend time in your busy yummy mummy diary, …whether it be a coffee break, a play date the kiddies and tea time for the mums or a no kids kind of  shopping spree.

Why is this so important? 

Friends are such a vital part of not only motherhood but life in general.  Every person needs to feel included, connected to another human being, understood and listened to. Despite the busy and chaotic lifestyle of a mum, it can still be a lonely job. Often making us feel under-appreciated, guilty, misunderstood or just plain ignored. A friend can give us another perspective, they truly see you as the individual you are, they can enrich your life and impart life lessons learnt in their own life that can help you manage and navigate all that you must in your journey. Make sure as a mum that you do not neglect your friends, or feel guilty about setting aside time for them. Remember to nurture and care for yourself means you will be at your very best when nurturing those who need you. 

A Real Friend… 

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While making friends may come easily to some us, and all friends have lessons to teach us and can enrich our life in one way or another, remember that true friendship is something rare that one rarely has to seek but comes in the most perfect of circumstances and is hard to let go, it can withstand all challenges, turbulence and distance. 

A friend is someone willing to listen and offer you advice when needed, they can feel your joy and excitement, feel your pain and anguish.  

A friend rarely judges you and most importantly accepts you flawed and imperfect. They lift your spirits and sometimes even physically lift you, true friends forgive and do not keep count of petty arguments and debates. Bottom line,  a friend will love you and stay by your side when everyone else walks away and they encourage you through every step of the way no matter what step you may have to take; big or small…

Friendship is very powerful, don’t be fearful of discovering this…I’ve had many friends throughout my life, a best friend from childhood, and amazing wonderful inspirational sisters that I’ve met as an adult and a mother, each one has shaped me and continues to do so….

A Yummy Mummy Tip

Reach out to your friend tonight and make sure you tell them what they mean to you and how they’ve changed you! A good friend needs to know what they really mean to you….

And if you want to impart a great lesson of friendship on your children or you need a little reminder of what the true meaning of friendship is, I suggest you go and watch the new Disney film Big Friendly Giant BGF, directed by the amazing Steven Spielberg. This movie has a great inspirational message about true friendship, that it really does come in all shapes and sizes, will withstand any distance, and can be found in the most unexpected moments.

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And of course Stay Yummy…


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