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Truth about moms and aging, it doesn’t matter if you are a mom, a dad, Latin, Irish, Eastern European or spawned from under a  rock, every one of us is aging. However, you can choose how you want to age. These are our yummy mummy tricks and tips for slowing down the age process;

Nutrition is nourishment

The age old saying you are what you eat can be true for aging as well. Nutrition and good clean eating are essential to good skin and healthy aging. Eat foods high in antioxidants, basically the greener and rawer your food, the better. This is because these foods are extremely alkaline and counteract the acid-producing foods that affect our bodies and specifically age us internally and externally. We will post on alkaline foods in future, but for now just know anything green and raw is good for you or if not try to add some carrots, almonds, red kidney beans, olive oil and radishes (to mention a few) into your diet.

Make small changes to your diet. Any change for the better is still a change for the BETTER. You don’t need a complete overhaul but make small changes today that can benefit your health. And here’s how….

If you are a fan of smoothies, throw a handful of greens in it, fresh kale or spinach will give you a boost of antioxidants everyday that your skin and energy will thank you for. We will be posting loads of recipes on anti-aging smoothies, raw juices and food so subscribe to keep posted. But for now check out some of these great boosters for your smoothies.



Drink your skin. Thirsty skin is aging skin. Drink plenty of water, if you are like me and don’t fancy a large glass of water every hour get some lovely carbonated water and keep some sliced fruit, lemons or limes and fresh mint leaves in your fridge or garden and having a refresher as often as you can. You will crave less and your skin will look so much more plump and hydrated as well as clear. Water makes a difference to our skin definitely. Putting a slice of lemon in your water creates a PH Balance for your blood and this helps with regulating weight, flushing toxins, etc.



Foods high in omega oils, fatty acids, and basically collagen rich foods will nourish you from the inside out and give you that natural glow we all seek. If you can get a fish dish in weekly, your skin will get a great boost. If you aren’t a fan of fish or a vegan or vegetarian, try supplements. Oils absorb very quickly into the blood stream and give you great benefits long term to your health, skin, hair, nails, you name it. Krill Oil, Udo’s blend, Star Fish Oil, Argan Oil, Soluable/hydrolyzed marine collagen all of these are great ways to feed your skin daily with the use of vitamins and minerals that are proven to repair and build the texture of your skin from the inside out.

Check out our related blog for more details on this.



We all know a how much a yummy mummy needs a good glass of wine from time to time (more like every night…I joke of course ; ) , or a good night out with the girlies but try to avoid hard liquor and too much alcohol in general and of course drop the ciggies and take up chewing gum or breathing air, or knitting if you need that repetitive action.

When I am out, I love to feel free, young and careless and throw back a few but then I just think oh the morning is going to be rough with 4 kids and a hangover, and besides I don’t enjoy drinking as I normally I don’t have any problems dancing, talking or having a great time (others may disagree =D)   It is just the inclusion factor that one needs to feel, that they aren’t different or just as fun as everyone else.  So order a club soda with some lime and if possible mint and, crushed iced and that fresh drink will give you just what you need without the added aging and hangover. =) basically a virgin mojito with no sugar =)


Let’s talk habit. I know you think this is hard but it really isn’t. After having my first child, even though I was quite young, I started to panic about aging so I went in Brown Thomas spent a bomb on Creme de la Mer (which we can talk about later) and since then not a day has gone by where I don’t maintain my skincare routine and take care of my skin against aging. Now a lot has changed since then and I know a lot more about the good stuff in a product and the bad stuff and what I want and need for my skin, the important part is you find a skin care routine and holy grail products that work for you. Moms can look like they are aging from one day to the next (which is what sent me into panic mode) because HELLO! we are exhausted, stressed, worried, many times poorly nourished and parched = recipe for disaster. We can’t just pull out those unicorn tears and turn back the age-o-meter but what we can do is instill and stick to a good skincare routine, religiously. Now I will be talking about skincare a lot as I am obsessed with skincare products, be it natural, a bit more chemically reactive products, new, old, tried and tested, popular, found in the depth of the amazon, mythical, cheap, expensive, you tell me its going to take years off of me and I will buy it and try it. I am obsessed so let’s just say you will get plenty of info on products in posts to come. But here is the important part, start now, even an inexpensive Olay or Garnier cream will do but don’t wait. A year from now you are going to wish you had started so don’t think about it just do it. Say to yourself before I brush my teeth in the morning and/or after I put on my nighty in the evening…I will take care of my skin, by washing/exfoliating (preferably), and putting on my daily skincare. You will do it and after a while you won’t be able to sleep or go out the front door without first taking care of your skin.

The holy grail products in my opinion and especially for busy exhausted moms are a good serum and eye cream. Let me tell you why, serums are 10x more penetrating than moisturisers, which simply sit on the surface of your skin and don’t penetrate beyond the first few layers of skin. Serums can give your skin a great boost of hydration and some early prevention against premature aging, especially used with certain skincare tools (which of course I will blog about also), will even maximize the penetration of the serum into the deepest layers of your skin.

Now let’s talk the  eye area. Your  eyes so important, so maintain the skin around them because it Screenshot 2016-06-28 21.56.08will have had plenty of sleepless nights and be tested through the challenges of motherhood so invest in a good eye cream and take care of your eye area everyday, even with just some simple coconut oil on the eye area if can’t think of anything else. Make sure anything that you put on this area you put on gently and it is as natural and chemical-free as possible to preserve the very delicate skin surrounding your eye. Check this fab product out if you want a good recommendation. Many reviews



Screenshot 2016-04-15 19.06.09Check out my current obsession for a serum recommendation. This is just the tip of the very big iceberg so subscribe for upcoming post on our favourite serums and eye creams and all things skincare (and trust me with my retail experience in the area of skincare, you’re going to want to check out the future reviews because they are good ones.)


Exfoliation is key to glowing healthy skin. It removes the dead skin and debris from the surface of your skin and lets your skincare penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, giving you more benefits from your skincare. It is essential to renew the skin and there are loads of different types of exfoliators you can use to suit both your time and preference. I will go into depth on these products in future posts but here are some of my favs;

Screenshot 2016-06-28 21.57.24


Screenshot 2016-06-28 21.54.53Screenshot 2016-06-28 21.56.43Screenshot 2016-06-28 21.57.04










So it might seem like a lot of things at this stage to get the skin you always wanted and want to age with, but its worth it, you wear this face everyday, make it your very best and take care of it. So if you are going to do any of these steps, please do this one. Do not leave your makeup on your face or even go to bed with a dirty face even if you don’t have makeup on. Be religious about this one and wash your face every evening before bed. Pollutants, environmental aggressors, dirt, debris from the day and of course makeup, SPF and all other kinds of stuff are sitting on our face for the night and that is a big no no. I know for all the yummy mummies how wrecked you can become by the end of the day but make it second nature because you deserve it. There are wipes or micellar cleansers, or even try some ingredients from your kitchen that are great makeup remover; coconut oil, honey, baking soda, all are great and effective ways to cleanse your skin. Some honourable mentions;

Screenshot 2016-06-28 22.11.04 Screenshot 2016-06-28 22.09.37

Screenshot 2016-06-28 22.46.07


Make sure you protect against the environmental hazards, pollutants and UVA/UVB rays with good quality natural SPF. This is especially important if you are not a fan of CC or BB creams or a makeup with built-in SPF.

These products got the Yummy Mummy Seal of Approval. (click on the image for more info)
Screenshot 2016-06-28 22.22.17 Screenshot 2016-06-28 22.25.40 Screenshot 2016-06-28 22.29.03






Well that is some of the stuff you can start with today to maintain your skin and even reverse signs of aging, whatever you do keep smiling and stay yummy!

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