7 de June de 2016
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Now its no secret to any one that knows me I am obsessed with anti-aging products, well all things beauty related really and things in general. But this serum is amazing for the skin and with just a few drops each evening you wake up with a stunning glow and radiance.

A bit about Kiehls’

Kiehls is a skin care Giant and you most likely already heard about them and some of their products. But to break it down a small bit, they are very well established, starting out as a pharmacy back in the 1850s in New York’s East Village. They grew to develop men’s skincare and expanded the brand over the years to what it is today, which is a great range of products for any skin concern. There are some products that have your normal range of chemicals and fragrance but overall Kiehls is on the more natural side of skin care manufacturers and use loads of natural, earth materials that have huge benefits to the skin. They have also expanded their range to hair care products, which I will eventual dabble into.

Why I love this serum?

Serums penetrate into the skin much deeper than your common night cream and frankly you use a lot less, it’s easy to apply and you feel and see the glow instantly. I feel my fine lines are less visible and definitely have a glow in the morning that doesn’t rub off after a shower or morning run. This serum really does go skin deep.

What’s in it that makes this so good?

Well for starters the largest component is Squalane. Kiehls loves this ingredient as it is in many of their anti-aging products. Squalane is a botanical lipid and it melts into the skin easily and beautifully. It balances your skins moisture and gives you suppleness and elasticity to your skin.

There is also Evening Primrose oil which gives you a beautiful glow and is very healing for the skin.

Amongst the ingredients is Lavender essential oil which helps reduce skin pigmentation issues and creates a brighter surface. It has cucumber fruit extract, jojoba seed oil, Tumeric root extract all which have incredibly brightening effects on the skin and deeply exfoliating.

This little bottle is pure oils, no water, no parabens, no funny stuff.


Why not try it?

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Kiehls is great for giving samples or you can try it out at their counters, alternatively get yourself the smaller bottle which isn’t as costly and commit to using it on a nightly basis. Your skin will love it and thank you for it. Kiehls have a 28 day money back guarantee, if you aren’t happy with the product return it and get your money back. It’s a win, win situation I think. Also you can use the oil on your hands, for sunburns, relaxing in the bath and remember a little goes a long ,long way.

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