11 de June de 2016
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Hi lovelies,
I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weather we had recently in Ireland, hopefully we’ll get some more soon! It was so nice to get out and about,even just doing jobs, without dashing in out of showers!
Of course along with the sun, comes extra dangers and we must take appropriate precautions i.e. suncream!
During the heat wave I smothered my kids in factor 50 before dressing them. (helps stop the clothes getting stained) my favourite, ‘Boots Soltan Once for Kids’ , more on that later.
But first, on one such sunny  day, my eldest had gone to school and me and the baby headed off to our local toddler music class. On my way I stopped to talk to a friend, funnily enough about sunburn as she was particularly roasted!
As we were talking an older woman interrupted…..
‘Have you sun cream on the baby?’
Em…..excuse me?!?! Now my mam raised me far too well for me to be rude to this woman so I just smiled and through gritted teeth growled ‘Factor 50’ and walked away. In hindsight, I should have said ‘ No he’s a bit pasty so he’s trying to get a tan’.
I’m all for helping and supporting people and other mothers but by looking at my son you could see he was well covered. His buggy has an extra-large hood so the only skin showing was his ankles, clearly I was taking precautions to protect him.
If people feel the need to become vigilantes that’s great , but help people who actually need it – help a mother struggling to juggle her shopping and a screaming child, or an elderly man who dropped his keys. Don’t assume that all young parents are too naive to know what’s best for their children. It doesn’t feel nice my kids are healthy,happy and covered in sun cream on a sunny day thank you very much!
Ok so now, The Review
once more kids soltan boots sun cream
A little goes a long way.
It gives your child, 8 hours of protection and absorbs quickly (do note however, only one hour in the water but check out other formulas) and has a patented antioxidant complex to help protect against long-term skin damage.
All the Soltan range is affordable, nourishing and super protective for the skin, which is all I look for in a sun cream. Another plus is there are multiple sizes, to include travel sizes convenient for when you are out and about, throw into your purse, diaper bag and bam your ready for that sunshine.  It also won’t block pores and you slap it on and out you go which is just what you need as a busy mom.
For those moms that don’t like greasy hands or the feel of lotion this sun cream has a dry touch feel, but you can also try this handy applicator to get any lotion evenly onto your children’s skin, mess free and hands free, click on image to find more about the product.
blok roll sun block roller
And remember Stay Yummy! Hope you enjoyed, share and subscribe to our newsletter for more upcoming posts.
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