4 de May de 2016
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Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.21.09 PMSquat it! Yea, I know how much we can dread squats but squats are such a fantastic way to tone up, that booty, your core and those lovely pins girls! Really the only difference between being fit and being less fit is not that having more will power or commitment or time, it’s much more simple than that start small, create a habit and use the tool that help you succeed to be consistent. Focus on the results and the body you want and achieve it.Here is our Yummy Mummy Tip of the WeekDon’t see fitness & exercise as work or a chore. Start seeing it as simple movement, a habit, part of your daily ritual. Make small changes to your daily routine to include fitness and movement then you will most likely stay committed, motivated and consistent. So start with a a few squats everyday. You don’t need to make much time for squatting, in fact many times you can be multi-tasking.There are some great daily squat/lower body apps to get you going or you can schedule it into your daily planner, calendar or the way it works for you to create a habit.DO a few squats while you are brushing your teeth, checking your emails, texting a friend, folding some laundry, doing some tidying up or any other of your million to-dos, just make squats one of them. Your bum will thank you for it. Think of it this way a little bit of exercise or toning up is better than none at all. Once, you start small, you see the changes, you feel the changes and you add on to the daily squats and before you know it you will have the body you dreamed of. It’s possible girls, yes you can have your bikini body even after kids…but whatever you do, start now!“Make sweat your best accessory”Here are some of the Yummy Mummy Lane’s fav squat apps;
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