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If you are like most moms, you dread anything related to caring for your hair, your skin, your body…basically YOU. As moms we always put everyone first and often walk out with our children looking like they could be on the cover of Gap Kids, while we would barely make the paid adverts on our local community paper (or maybe that’s just me!)lips iconcfinalIn truth most moms never find time to take care of themselves but always find time to take care of their children. So let me take a little bit of the dreadfulness out of hair care, so you can let your hair down (Literally!) a bit more often throughout your week.

Yummy Mummy Hair Care Routine 

Number 1


Picking a good  shampoo & conditioner for your hair is essential. Most moms experience a change in hormones after birthing children and often this change is almost permanent and not always a change in the right direction, at least not for your hair. Hair sometimes becomes very weak, dull and the mommy up do becomes a daily routine. This up do becomes a vicious cycle for your hair, which ends up oily and broken etc etc…. Therefore, picking shampoos that suit your hair and rebuild the fibres of your hair or maintain the quality of your hair are essential. Invest in a good product, you won’t regret it.


Check these great products out;                 bb gentle pin buttonBB hairdressers invisible pin button hair dew oyinUntitled design-5Add a littl bit of body text

Untitled design-8hairdressers invisible bb conditionerbumble curl conditioner




The Serum 

Apply  a serum/treatment oil to the ends or entirety of your hair after washing your hair (depending on whether you have an oily scalp etc). Straight out of the shower make it a habit, like drying yourself or brushing your teeth.  Pump a few drops of a great rich oil or hair serum and then go to the next step of post- washing hair care. A good hair serum acts as a heat protectant too, great for us moms who can’t put down the tongs and straighteners.

We highly recommend any of the following oils;   Pomegranate seed oil, AMLA Oilpure Argan Oil, JoJoBa Oil or MoroccanOil.

pomegranate oilalma oilUntitled design-20jojaba oil

Add a littl bit of body text-4

Number 3

The T-Shirt

Dry your hair with a t-shirt or light thin towel. Yes, may sound crazy but drying your hair with a thick bath towel is a big no-no as it pulls at the hair and breaks easily. Therefore, blot dry and using an old but obviously clean t-shirt is a perfect solution to taking the moisture out of your hair without damaging it.

Number 4

Comb & Brush it OUT!

Brush your hair gently with a widely spaced comb or tangle teezer. There are tons of different brushes and combs out there and we will be breaking down the essential brushes and combs for good hair care in our upcoming posts. After using a comb or tangle teezer, and drying your hair use a dual boar paddle brush to add shine and smoothness to your hair or alternatively blow dry and style with a round thermal ceramic brush. Some of our favorites below;

pin buttonpaddle brush duo fiber Untitled design-7round brush


Number 5

Blow it OUT!

If you are like me and shower at night then blow drying your hair is essential part of your hair care routine. Your hair may air dry perfectly, mine however definitely does not. I use my lovely trusted GHD Ion Blow Dryer with diffuser.

Untitled design-14 Untitled design-15

Tips on blow drying;

  1. Split your hair into sections before blow drying and after combing and make sure you use the previous step of applying a good serum/oil and t-shirt or gently towel drying your hair. Good serums and oils act as natural heat protectants. Use a good round duo fiber brush to blow dry the hair in sections.
  2. Using a diffuser is great, particularly for curly or frizzy hair. It distributes the heat evenly. Use the diffuser from the root of the hair and working at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Try to use the blow dryer at a low to medium heat (especially if you are using a diffuser).
  4. If you feel your hair is a bit flat, turn your head up-side down and blow dry from underneath for a few minutes. Alternatively, if you are going out use a volumising powder or spray can give you that extra UMPH! Try some of our favorite styling products and remember to back comb the  roots after the product settles into the scalp a bit.

Untitled design-13Untitled design-18 Untitled design-17


For those of us who need a real quick RESCUE, here are some great HAIR MASK mentions to check out for yourself (reviews will come no doubt!)

Untitled design-10 Untitled design-11 Untitled design-12 Untitled design-19


I know the routine sounds long and arduous but come on ladies, it’s our hair and anytime we do our hair you always hear from someone “Oh, wow you look great did you get your hair cut or something” and you are like “uh no?!, I just washed it”..come on, I know it’s happened to you.

Well, you can look like that high maintenance hot mama always by making the yummy mummy hair care part of your routine…<3xoxo signature

things are about to get really good

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