25 de March de 2016
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Hello lovelies!

If you’re like me you love a multi-tasking product that more than one family member can benefit from! From your face to your legs and on to your man’s face, this wonder product will leave you both smiling :-)

Need an affordable primer for your foundation?  Then let’s raid the men’s side of the bathroom shelf for a change and get some of this this fabulous and pocket friendly Nivea Shaving Balm for Men! Yep, you heard me shaving balm as a primer?!!!...Why are men’s toiletries so much cheaper??!! Ggrr!!

CHOOSE BEAUTY (2)SO Let’s Review It…

The Packaging

 The balm comes in a thick, white glass bottle. A pump top would be lovely as it’s just an open bottle top, but we’ll get over that!

It’s also quite heavy so maybe decant into a plastic container for on-the-go priming power!

The Scent

Seeing as it is a men’s product it obviously has a masculine scent, which I personally love ;-) The scent dissipates rather quickly so don’t worry about smelling like a freshly shaven man for too long!

The Texture

The texture is light and it can pour out of the bottle quite quickly so do be careful when pouring.  When rubbed between your hands it becomes slightly tacky and perfect to adhere your makeup base to your lovely face!

Let’s talk ingredients 

The balm main ingredient is Glycerin, a true skin saviour!


If you didn’t already know Glycerin:

  • Helps skin retain moisture, so you’re skin feels more plump throughout the day
  • Gives dry skin a moisture boost and hydrated feel to the skin 
  • Helps balance the oils on your skin, perfect for those with oily skin or spots
  • Lightens acne scarring and sun marks 
  • It also helps fill in lines and makes skin appear more youthful and even. 

Who wouldn’t want all of these perks along with perfectly set, long-lasting foundation!!

Let’s talk the method 

I usually apply a small dollop of the balm after cleansing and moisturising. For better results, make sure your moisturiser and skin routine have properly set before applying balm.  Then just pour a 10c sized drop into your hand, rub together and then rub into your face, always avoiding the delicate eye area. Now you’re ready to apply the rest of your makeup! 

*Yummy Mummy Tip *

I also decided to use the product for its intended purpose,  and shaved my legs with this aftershave balm and O my goodness it’s changed my whole outlook on shaving!

I have sensitive skin, which hates razors and displays it’s irritation with red, itchy, angry bumps…ggrr!!  But not anymore! After I shave using our yummy mummy body glow scrub, I immediately dry off my legs and rub in the balm all over (again a little goes a long way)- and VOILA!! Smooth, shiny and best of all soothed legs ready for some summer sun!! (that is, if we ever get some here in the Emerald Isle!) 

So lovelies, get rummaging in your man’s toiletries or simply head out like I did and pick up your own bottle. It goes on offer in supermarkets and chemist fairly often and will last you ages! For the price and all its uses you can’t resist or regret a buy like this!     

NIVEA BALM PRIMERThere you have it, a no-nonsense,multi-tasking product that’s definitely more bang for your buck!! 









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